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Packing Box


The packing box is a modular building product based on steel frame and light wall panel system.This product is composed of a top frame and a bottom frame column, and 14 pieces of interchangeable panels, can be packaged with packaging,Easy to transport on land or by sea.

FLEXIBLE COMBINATION - it can beused for single box, and can be combined into open arge space, and can be superimposed to 3 levels.

COMPREHENSIVE - supporting the use of differentstyles of roof. Canopy, corridorstairs, in addition there is a special box of the bathroom,The kitchen is availableand canbe decorated according to needs.

INSTALL FAST - An average of 4 workers will be able to complete a single box installation for3 hours.Also canbeassembled after the FCL moved, convenient and quick.

SAFETY AND DURABILITY - The service life is over 15 years,and the eismic intensity is 8 degrees.Wind resistant 11.

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