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Light Steel Villa


In order to meet the market demand of green and low carbon buildings in the world and conform to the development trend of China's housing industrialization, the company integrated housing ministry introduced the international leading cold-formed thin-walled steel production line and technology from the United States. The software has powerful design and structural calculation functions, and can meet the design specifications of China, Australia, the Americas, Europe and the United Kingdom. The equipment is well developed. After importing the design data, all the components can be automatically produced, and the webs can be produced from different sections of 75~250mm. The company can design and manufacture light steel integrated housing of 1~6 level. Integrated light steel houses are widely used in villas, tourist resorts, camps, dormitories, scenic spots, mobile houses, post disaster reconstruction, office, clubs, schools, and the construction of new towns in urbanization. Compared with the traditional structure, the light steel integrated housing has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, earthquake resistance and quick construction.

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